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Lint Hikes | All things Lint

When not riding bikes and burning wooden pallets down by the river, Lint spends his time on the long distance trails in North America. His life revolves around long distance backpacking, or ‘thru’ hikes as they are known. Thus far he has completed end-to-end hikes of the Ice Age TrailAppalachian Trail (three times), Pacific Crest Trail (three times), Continental Divide (twice), Colorado Trails and Arizona Trails. This adds up to somewhere around 20,000 miles, but who’s really counting? Many more hikes are planned, since he cannot find anything better to do with his time other than walk thousands of miles across this continent.

While definitely not a traditional athlete, his average daily mileage hovers between 30 to 40, depending on how many times he gets distracted by a particularly interesting view or shady spot to rest. Lint is affectionately known as ‘hiker trash’ in the world of long distance backpacking, and if you ever meet him he’ll probably be hungry and in need of a bath.

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Linthikes 2017 5lb Ultra light gear list – YouTube

Lint Hikes Youtube Channel:

Video: How to Safely Cross a River – Backpacker

A fast-flowing river doesn’t have to be the end of your hike. Learn to ford safely with Backpacker’s editors in this informative video.

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Lightweight Backpacking Foundations — CleverHiker

Wow I just found this nice video series on the interweb.. about light weight backpacking foundations. I’m going to have to watch this series now.. Hundy

Ultralight backpacking tutorial video series – less weight, more fun.

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